Established in 1985 and originally trading under the name Greensborough Cake Kitchen, Pelligra Cakes is a family owned Italian Pasticceria and café, this is our story.

Original owner and current head pastry chef Santino Pelligra migrated from Siciliy at the young age of four, where he was brought up in the inner city suburb of Richmond before later moving to the outer suburb of Reservoir. It was at this time the art of cake making caught his eye and he aspired to become a pastry chef.

In 1985 he bought a small business in Greensborough simply known as ‘Greensborough Cake Kitchen.’ As time went on and with a lot of hard work and dedication from his family, the business was able to grow to form a loyal base of customers. As the business grew we realised our premises was not large enough, we then relocated to a larger store across the street which is our current address at 71 Main Street.

Santo Pelligra - head pastry chef at pelligra cakes


In the late months of 2009 we sought out to put a name to our cakes and products which led us to change our operating name to ‘Pelligra Cakes.’ In the summer of 2017 as Santino’s three children Corrado, David and Samantha became more involved we decided to expand our seating area to cater for more customers to sit down, relax and enjoy our products.

Santino has educated and trained many pastry chefs throughout the years in a fast paced working environment, which only used the finest ingredients and techniques to manufacture products for their customers. Our front end staff have done an amazing job building and maintaining customer relationships through quality service and providing a friendly environment which caters for each and every customers needs.